Wednesday, March 30, 2011

35 things that you might not know about me ...

some things many don't know about me ...
(honestly ... these are not that deep ... if you wanna know something just ask)

1. i don't like crowds ... but i occasionally work in a industry that forces me to deal with it.

2. i love PROCESS (the word, idea and action!)

3. i used to DJ

4. i had locs for 11 yrs

it was serious ... real serious!

5. i have a sister and nephew that i LOVE & they live in DC

thank you @jatiphoto

6. i'm a balance of both positive and critical (... some say that means that i am mean w/ a smile)

7. i don't like too many people but i'm good with people and i make a point to be nice, respectful & a positive influence to nearly everyone i encounter (KUUMBA)

8. i support the term BLACK. i think african-american is not accurate for me & many others.

9. i was born NJ & will defend it passionately, but i'm not hanging out in trenton!

10. i lived in springfield, VA for a while before my family moved to durham, NC

11. i am pro-peace but not a pacifist ... and believe that violent revolution has a role in society

12. i was offered vocal scholarship to college but turned it down because i don't like to sing in public

13. i'm an actor

14. i don't like public speaking or being in front of a crowd of people, but when i'm in the situation i'm a great workshop presenter, teacher & speaker.

15. i love to work

16. i am superhuman

17. i don't have degree (if you know of a school that may accept me ... holler!)

18. i was vegetarian for 15+ years ... now i eat fish

19. i don't like to cook ... BUT ... i love to eat!

20. i love to be up early ... take a power nap(s) ... and be up late

21. i used to like to fight ... actually ... i still do ... i just do it differently

22. i would rather be truthful than spare your feelings (stop crying!)

23. my favorite sport is futbol/soccer ... my teams are manchester u ... ghana black stars and ... FC HARLEM

to find out more click the picture ...

24. weusi baraka, was given to me at birth by my parents, it means "black blessing" ... i have always been proud of it ... others had issue with it

25. i have 2 tattoos

26. i don't like to drive ... plus it's not good for the environment

27. when i get my big money ... i'll buy a few pieces of property, employ a driver and a cook

28. i can dance ... i know that some of you know this but many have never seen it happen ... they just hear about it

29. i don't take good care of myself because i tend to put other first

30. i have great genes ... my grandmother on my moms side is 96 and on my pops side my great-great grandmother lived to 106!

31. i used to host a reggae radio show in college. i liked when the DJ was late for the next segment because i could spin slow jams!

32. i like country & blugrass music ... great lyrics, storytelling and musicianship

33. 333 is my old pager code ... holler at me if you know about that!

34. i feel i'm oxymoronic because i have skill sets that conflict w/ my personality ... hence the worlds shortest giant & socialite misanthrope, most careful risk taker, etc, etc, etc ...

35. i can keep a secret really well ... some of us share some jewels! ;)

see ... for real i'm a regular dude ... with super powers ...



VirgoFan said...

Weusi, I love, love, LOVE your spirit & pray the universe sets it up where we can finally meet each other. I can identify with a few of the items on your list of 35.
Keep writing!

weusi said...

@virgofan ... thank you ... i appreciate the support and yes, the universe will get us together ... SHINE