Monday, November 9, 2009

so today was a little different. i got HELLA LOST!!!
my sense of direction didn't do so well for me ... but ...

i saw a few of the sites that people have been asking be about ...

the tower
the pyramid
the river
the arch
the hookers
the tourist
the museums
the traffic
the lights at night
the shopping area's
the churches

it was all jive cool ...
but more interesting was the h&m, zara, gap and my favorite us export to france so far ... the subway sandwich shop! no but for real ...

the architecture of this city is crazy
i don't know the names of nearly anything that i've seen but i know this place is incredible.

i found a record shop today it was all hip hop. it was cool but i wasn't really looking for wax and i'm out of the loop so i wouldn't know what to get anyway!

i also found a OLD comic book shop ... this dude had the marvel comic 1-13 by stan lee but it was in french! they aren't in great condition but it's a complete set!!! and they are in good enough condition to read!

my lil cuzzo hit a mental wall while trying to do a paper. i tried to help her through it but she just needed to call her pops. eventually they talked and we got her on track. it was funny though. i felt like i was working w/ my kids again!

i know this is a kind of boring post but i go to meet my dude tunde for a game of chess tomorrow! i'll fill you in on the significance of this occurring tomorrow/later!

i've been reading and refreshing the artist in me ... but i had a long convo w/ my dudes girlfriend about visioning, organizational planning and structure. i even pulled out some SOL y SOUL info for her! yea ... i have this organizing thing bad. i just wanna feel what it's like to be purely artist for a couple of days. to be engulfed in the creative process. i want that experience to be out of my logical head. but i'm struggling to get there. and i know it's gonna take time but DAMN!!!
i'm in paris ... i wanna be creative! i guess i gotta stop worrying about how to speak french for a second and just do me ... i also want to sing in the shower ... but there's no shower!!! DAMNNNNNN!

actually, my sense of direction got me pointed in the right direction and but i just couldn't get to the spot that i wanted to!

but in the end ... i'll get there!


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